17 ways to lose weight in your face today

A rounded face may give you a younger look but a thinner face provides you with more confidence and a beautiful appearance2. There are some people with perfect bodies but a little bit fatter stored in their face. The combination is not as good as they look more like a child. It is easier to reduce the overall fat from the body; however, technically, it is more difficult to lose weight in your face. You have to approach with balanced methods to tone your face as well decrease the puffy areas. Here are some tips on how to lose weight in your face faster:     


  • Sugar-Free Gum



For a toned appearance, you need to work on your facial muscles so that the double chinlook doesn’t appear. For this specific reason, we need to work out our jaws.Chewing sugar-free gum is the most easier and effortless way to achieve the desired result. It is fun as well as healthy for our teeth or gums

  • Cocoa Butter


Using cocoa butter on a daily basis can bring you amazing results such as improvement in skin elasticity which in turn gets rid of your double chin.  


–       Put a couple tablespoon cocoa butter into the microwave. Let it warm for a bit.

–       Take the oil out and apply into your hands and massage your neck region as well as double chin area gently. Repeat for few minutes.

–       Massage twice per day, during the morning hours and bedtime before dozing off.


  • Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil massage can provide a solution on how to lose fat in your face. Regular massage can get rid of your double chin in an efficient manner1. It contains vitamin E which help nourishes and makes the skin supple and smooth.

-         Before bedtime, rub a little wheat germ oil around your chin gently.

-         Message from the lower neck to your chin for about 15 minutes.

-         Leave it as it is overnight.

-         Repeating this regularly will have significant benefits. You will notice that your double chin will be reduced in no time


  • Egg Whites


The white parts of the egg, when applied on your skin, will tighten it. Therefore, it can help you remove the double chin. Egg whites moreover are very beneficial to the skin health.   

-         Take the white parts from a couple of eggs and beat together with a tablespoonmilk, honey plus lemon juice.

-         Add little peppermint essential oil.

-         Apply the resulting mask around the chin as well as neck area.

-         Leave it for half an hour.

-         Rinse off using warm water and then pat dry.

-         Repeat once per day for the quicker outcome

  • Glycerin

You can consider Glycerin a mask but a natural one. It helps you eliminatedouble chin.

-         Take a tablespoon glycerin, half tablespoon Epsom salt plus a little peppermint oil.

-         Using a cotton pad, apply the mask gently on the areas of neck and chin

-         Leave the mask on for few minutes letting the skin absorb the ingredients.

-         Wash the applied region with water. 

-         Repeat the process at least five a week so as to achieve the desired goal.


  • Chin Exercises


Chin exercise are great because they help to stretch as well as tone your face, neck area, including jaw muscles. It means no double chin

-         Keep your posture straight. Lean your head back slowly until you are staring at the ceiling. Then stick out your lips as an attempt to pout. Hold in this position for about five seconds and release. Repeat the exercise for 10 times consecutively. For better results, repeat every for at least three weeks.

-         Similar to the above exercise, there is another one that involves turning your head gently in a clockwise direction and vice versa. Make sure your posture is straight during the exercise. Repeat for 10 times per day and for a couple of weeks.

  • Green Tea

Green tea contains some powerful antioxidants including many other supplements which boost metabolism. It helps your body to burn calories and results in weight loss. It is recommended to drink the green tea the very first thing in the morning and maybe several times during the whole day. It is scientifically proved that green tea is one of the solutions on how to lose weight in your face.

  • Vitamin E

When taken Vitamin E on a regular basis, you will notice significant results like an increase in your skin’s elasticity and the overall health of your skin. Therefore, it basically solves your how to lose weight in your face question by removing double chin within days. 

You can get vitamin E from several foods such as green vegetables, wheat germ oil, barley, nuts, peanuts, beans, liver, legumes, brown rice and dairy products. 



  • Milk Massage



The benefits of massaging your skin using milk are several. It tightens and helps tone the skin in the areas around the chin. Moreover, a milk massage will keep your skin supple and beautiful. 

-         Milk massage your chin areas for several minutes and once done wash it off using warm water. Repeat it for several times per day for a couple of weeks to get the desired result. 

-         You can make a mask mixing milk with honey. Stir the mixture well and gently apply the mask to the chin area. Leave it for about ten minutes. Then wash it off using warm water. Follow the remedy once per day.

Looks like milk is not only the answer for your hunger but is also an answer forhow to lose weight in your face.


  • Melon

Melon also helps tone your skin and tighten the skin under your chin and thus preventing a double chin.

-         Extract fresh juice from the melon. Using a cotton ball, apply to the chin area including the neck. Then massage gently. Leave the mask on for about 20 minutes and you can wash it off.

-         Also, try to eat more of them as they are mostly only water. It helps you to wash the toxins from your body and also helps lose weight. 


  • Face Yoga/Exercise



Face yoga has become popular recently. If you search how to lose weight in your face, several pages pop out stating face yoga. However, it totally lives up to the reputation.

-         Stare at a specific point with wide eyes. The point should in front of your nose. Hold it for about ten seconds and relax. Repeat four times.

-         Make your face like a fish. Suck in your cheek muscles and let it out. Repeat for five times. 

-         Inhale the air and while pressing the lips together, shut your mouth. Now try to move the air inside your mouth from right to left. Keep doing it for about five minutes several times a day. You’ll get the desired within several days. 

-         Make an ’O’ using our lips and then blow the air out as if whistling. 

-         Stare at the ceiling and try blowing out air from our mouth using maximum effort. It will help you strengthen and tone the jaw line. 

-         Smiling is the best way to win over others. In this case, you can achieve both –weight loss and eventually heart.


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